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Mark 9:49-50 – Have Salt and Keep Peace

|| Matthew 5:13;[1] Luke 14:34

MK9:49 “For everyone will be salted with fire.[2] MK9:50 Salt is excellent![3] But if the salt ever lose its saltiness[4] what will it ever season? Continue to have ‘salt’ in yourselves and continue to be peaceable among one another.”[5]

[1] Matthew 5:13: For details see notes in Nazarene Commentary 2000 on Matthew.

[2] ‘Everyone will be salted with fire’: The phrase is connected to the previous warning about stumbling. It is likely Jesus alludes to Leviticus 2:13:

“‘And every offering of your grain offering you will season with salt; and you must not allow the salt of the covenant of your God to be missing upon your grain offering. Along with every offering of yours you will present salt.” [NWT] [Ezra 6:9]

Any sacrifice a disciple makes must be seasoned with salt otherwise it is not acceptable to God. A “sacrifice of praise” or charity must also be delivered in such a way that it is tasteful to the hearer. [Colossians 4:6; Hebrews 13:15-17; James 3:12] Salt may also have something to do with judgment. [Judges 9:45; Ezekiel 43:24] Though the phrase is considered unsupported by older manuscripts some versions contain, “and every sacrifice shall be salted with salt.”]

[3] Salt is excellent: Or, fine, good, good thing. Salt was very valuable and necessary in such hot climates. It was even used as an exchange for labor or things.

[4] If the salt ever lose its saltiness: That is its tastefulness or preservative qualities.

[5] Continue to be peaceable among one another: The salt is associated with peaceful relations with others. The apostles have been arguing about superiority and this did not lead to peaceful relations. This matter of “salt” may go all the way back to that Jewish exorcist who was expelling demons in the name of Jesus. Who knows what the apostles said to him when they forbid him to continue what he was doing. It is not like these self-righteous, self-important individuals said things they should not.



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