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Matthew 7:1-11 – The Nazarene’s Commentary on Neighbor Love Continued 8: Matthew 7:6-11 Giving and neighbor love

Matthew 7:6-11 g) Giving and neighbor love

|| Luke 11:9-13

MT7:6 “You should not give[1] the ‘Holy’ to the ‘dogs.’ Nor throw your ‘pearls’ before ‘swine.’[2] So they never trample them underfoot and they turn and attack you.[3] MT7:7 Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and doors will open.[4] MT7:8 For, everyone: The asking receive. The seeking find. The knocking have doors opened.[5] MT7:9 Or, who is the person among you, when a child asks for bread, gives it a stone?[6] MT7:10 Or, [when the child] asks for a fish, will give it a serpent?[7] MT7:11 So, you, though wicked know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more your heavenly Father gives good[8] to those asking?[9]


[1] Give: Obviously “giving” is an important element in neighbor love.

[2] Throw your ‘pearls’ before ‘swine’: The Nazarene’s sarcasm may continue here, for in the area of personal judgment one’s own “pearls” are also very “holy” (particularly if one belongs to a self-righteous religion) and so Jesus encourages keeping one’s mouth shut and one’s opinions (no matter how “holy” and pearl-like) to one’s self. Note Proverbs 9:7 and 15:12: reproof.

Various renderings are: BAS: or put your jewels before pigs; NEB: do not feed pearls to pigs. The Nazarene may stress the futility of wasting religious “pearls” on those considered “pigs” from a spiritual (Jewish) standpoint. The whole matter seems contextual with what went before and is an exaggerated absurdum to a highly judgmental and self-righteous people.

[3] They turn and attack you: Very often the reaction of people, or your neighbors, to your religious “pearls” is to attack or belittle your strongly held views. So, it is a waste of your time and ultimately damages your neighbor, causing them to behave in an abnormal manner.

[4] Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and doors will open: This takes a good degree of humility for one does not feel everything resides within one’s self. Note Luke 11:9-13. Various renderings are: MOF: ask and the gift will be yours; TCNT: your prayer shall be granted. All of this is very positive and the Nazarene assures positive results. Compare James 1:5.

[5] The asking receive. The seeking find. The knocking have doors opened: See Luke 18:1-8 on persistence. Various renderings: GDSP: for it is always the one who asks who receives. The person who refuses to ask, search, or knock on doors will find opportunity a rare bird indeed. The initial action produces those opportunities which would lie dormant unless otherwise aroused.

[6] Asks for bread, gives it a stone: See Jeremiah 29:12: prayer. Another hyperbole or absurdum from the Nazarene. Cannot we expect God to be at least as gracious as humans?

[7] Serpent: Luke uses the phrase ‘scorpion for an egg.’ The idea is ridiculous but the Nazarene builds confidence that the Father would do no less than respond in kindness and goodness.

[8] Father gives good: See James 1:17 and the perfect Giver. The Father is a “giver,” not only to His children, but even to the unrighteous, wicked, and unthankful (Matthew 5:45; Luke 6:35). The Father gave mankind ‘the Gift beyond description.’ (2 Corinthians 9:15)

[9] To those asking: Luke adds, ‘The Heavenly Father will give Holy Spirit to those asking Him.’ (Luke 11:13) The Nazarene assures, ‘Anything you ask the Father in my name He will give it to you.’ (John 16:23)



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16 Always be rejoicing.+ 17 Pray constantly.+ 18 Give thanks for everything.+ This is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 19 Do not put out the fire of the spirit.+ 20 Do not treat prophecies with contempt.+ 21 Make sure of all things;+ hold fast to what is fine. 22 Abstain from every form of wickedness.+ (NWT)


16 Always be rejoicing.+ 17 Pray incessantly.+ 18 In connection with everything give thanks.+ For this is the will of God in union with Christ Jesus respecting YOU. 19 Do not put out the fire of the spirit.+ 20 Do not treat prophesyings with contempt.+ 21 Make sure* of all things;+ hold fast to what is fine.+ 22 Abstain from every form of wickedness.+ (Ref.B.)


18 Then he went on to tell them an illustration with regard to the need for them always to pray and not to give up,+ (Luke 18:1)

12 Rejoice in the hope.+ Endure under tribulation.+ Persevere in prayer.+ (Romans 12:12)

 Roll upon Jehovah your way,+ And rely upon him,+ and he himself will act.+ (Psalm 37:5)

16 As for me, to God I shall call out;+ And Jehovah himself will save me.+ (Psalm 55:16)

22 Throw your burden* upon Jehovah himself,+ And he himself will sustain you.+ Never will he allow the righteous one to totter.+ (Psalm 55:22)

18 Jehovah is near to all those calling upon him,+ To all those who call upon him in trueness.*+ (Psalm 145:18)

10 Who among YOU people is in fear+ of Jehovah, listening to the voice of his servant,+ who has walked in continual darkness+ and for whom there has been no brightness? Let him trust in the name of Jehovah+ and support himself upon his God.*+ (Isaiah 50:10)

But when you pray, go into your private room and, after shutting your door, pray to your Father who is in secret.+ Then your Father who looks on in secret will repay you. (Matthew 6:6)

23 And in that day+ YOU will ask me no question at all. Most truly I say to YOU, If YOU ask the Father for anything+ he will give it to YOU in my name.+ (John 16:23)

24 This is why I tell you, all the things you pray and ask for, have faith that you have received them, and you will have them.+ (Mark 11:24)

18 while with every form of prayer+ and supplication YOU carry on prayer on every occasion in spirit.+ And to that end keep awake with all constancy and with supplication in behalf of all the holy ones,(Ephesians 6:18)

Do not be anxious over anything,+ but in everything by prayer and supplication+ along with thanksgiving let YOUR petitions be made known to God;+ (Philippians 4:6)

Be persevering in prayer,+ remaining awake in it with thanksgiving,+ (Colossians 4:2)

while YOU throw all YOUR anxiety+ upon him, because he cares for YOU.+ (1 Peter 5:7)

So if any one of you is lacking in wisdom, let him keep asking God,+ for he gives generously to all and without reproaching,*+ and it will be given him.+ (James 1:5)




Natural inclinations and Praying and asking

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    We have redemption through Jesus Christ. Redemption means to “buy back.” Jesus bought us back at the tremendous price of His shed blood. All men belong to God by creation — the devil never created a man nor could he ever create a man. All men are God’s by creation; but only those who are saved, belong to God by redemption. Jesus bought back everything the first Adam sold to the devil in the Garden of Eden.
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Natural inclinations and Praying and asking

Pray without ceasing.
`1 Thessalonians 5:17`

English: Quote by Paul, 5:15: "Rejoice al...

Quote by Paul, 5:15: “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. Give thanks in all circumstances.” Klisura Monastery in Sofia Eparchy, Bulgaria Български: Цитат от Памел, 5:15: “Винаги се радвайте. Непрестанно се молете. За всичко благодарете.” Клисурски манастир в Софийска епархия, България (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Whatever might be our natural inclinations with reference to definiteness and persistency in prayer, we must take our instructions from the Scriptures; and overcoming our natural predilections, we must as “little children” and as “dear children” conform our views and conduct to the instruction which is from above. Let us all, therefore, remember the words, “ask (in My name), and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full.”–`John 16:24`. The Heavenly Father has multiplied mercies, blessings and providences in store for His obedient and faithful children who will ask for them.

`Z.’96-162` `R2005:5`


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