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Mark 1 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: Mark 1:1-8 – The Beginning of the Good News

Mark 1:1-8 – The Beginning of the Good News

|| Matthew 3:13-17[1]

MK1:1 This is the origin of the Good News about Jesus Christ the Son of the God.[2] MK1:2 Just as it is written in Isaiah the Prophet,[3] “See, I am sending My messenger before you and he will prepare your way … [Malachi 3:1] MK1:3 The voice of one crying aloud: ‘In the desert prepare a road for the Lord:[4] Make His highways straight.’” [Isaiah 40:3] MK1:4 So John the Baptizer came from the desert proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. MK1:5 People of all kinds when out to meet him in the wilderness as well as the inhabitants of Jerusalem of all classes. These were baptized by him in the Jordan river, openly confessing their sins [against the Law of Moses]. MK1:6 John dressed in a garment of camel’s hair and a leather belt. His food was locusts and wild honey. MK1:7 This was his message: “There is One coming after me who is greater than me. One whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop and loosen. MK1:8 I have baptized you with water, but he will baptize you with the holy Pneuma.”[5]


[1] Matthew 3:13-17: For details see notes in Nazarene Commentary 2000 on Matthew.

[2] The Son of God: Now recognized as not adequately supported.

[3] Isaiah the Prophet: Two verses are quoted. [Malachi 3:1; Isaiah 40:3]

“”See, I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come,” says the LORD Almighty.” (Mal 3:1 NIV)

“A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.” (Isa 40:3 NIV)

[4] The Lord: Or, “the Lord’s way” or “YHWH’s way.” The Hebrew source of the quotation has the noma sagrada, YHWH [Yehowah; Jehovah]

[5] Baptize you with the holy Pneuma: On the holy Pneuma see notes on 1 Corinthians 2:16 and 1 Corinthians 12:13.

Matthew 22:41-46 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: Jesus Asks a Trump Question

Matthew 22:41-46 – Jesus Asks a Trump Question

|| Mark 12:35-37; Luke 20:41-44

MT22:41 Now as the Pharisees were all together, Jesus inquired of them, asking: MT22:42 “What is your opinion about the Messiah?[1] Whose son is he?” They answered, “[Son] of David.” MT22:43 Jesus responded to them, “How then could David under inspiration call Messiah ‘Master,’ when he says,[2] MT22:44 ‘YHWH[3] said to my Master, “Sit at My right hand[4] until[5] I put your enemies beneath your feet.”’ [Psalm 110:1] MT22:45 So, if David calls Messiah ‘Master’ how can Messiah be his son?” MT22:46 And none were able to answer the question of Jesus. From that day none dare test him any longer.


[1] Messiah: The English words Messiah and Christ mean the same thing. Messiah (the Anointed) is rooted in Hebrew, while Christ (the Christened One) in Greek. The idea of a foretold coming one who will be anointed by Yehowah is based on Psalm 2:1, Isaiah 61:1, and Daniel 9:26.

[2] David under inspiration call Messiah ‘Master,’ when he says: Jesus is to quote one of the most quotable verses in the Christian Bible: Psalm 110:1 (Acts 2:34, 35; 1 Corinthians 15:24-28; Hebrews 1:13; 10:12, 13; 1 Peter 3:22). It is also a text Jesus often combines with Daniel 7:13 in a conflate: ‘Son of Man at the right hand of God.’ By inspiration David discerns the Messiah of Psalm 2:1 is his future “Lord” upon his resurrection from the dead. It is clear from Psalm 110:1 that Messiah (Jesus Christ) is not Yehowah. In the KJV there are two “Lords” one is in all caps.

[3] YHWH: In Psalm 110:1, both in the Hebrew Text and in the Jewish Greek Septuagint the four letters of the Tetragram, which stand for the Name of God, appear. See notes elsewhere on whether Jesus vocalized a Name the Jews were forbidden to pronounce. The fact the Jews never make an issue over this as a charge against Jesus (as in the case of the Sabbath) may indicate he followed their tradition.

[4] Sit at My right hand: We have inspired quotations of Psalm 110:1 indicating Messiah begins his rule upon his return to heaven (1 Corinthians 15:24; Ephesians 1:19-22). The prophet Daniel foretold this ascension to a heavenly throne would occur during the period of Roman rule (Daniel 2:44; Daniel 7:13). Jesus told his disciples and his religious enemies that they would live to see his enthronement at the right hand of God (see the notes on Matthew 10:23, Matthew 16:28, Matthew 26:64). For details on Psalm 2:1-7 and Psalm 110:1 research these texts in Nazarene Apocalypse and NAZARENE PRINCIPLES within Nazarene Commentary.

[5] Until: This time period stretches from the ascension of Jesus to heaven (Daniel 7:13; John 6:62) until the end of his Thousand Year reign (1 Corinthians 15:24-28; Revelation 20:12-14). The view Jesus ‘waits to rule’ contradicts the above. Jesus ‘rules… waiting.’



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Matthew 21:6-9 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: Blessed the One Coming in God’s Name!

Matthew 21:6-9 – “Blessed the One Coming in God’s Name!”

|| Mark 11:4-10; Luke 19:32-38; John 12:12,13

MT21:6 Having left the [two] disciples did just as Jesus directed them. MT21:7 They returned with the donkey and its colt and they put outer garments upon the donkey and its colt. Jesus sat atop them. MT21:8 Now much of the crowd spread their outer garments on the path while others cut down tree branches and spread these over the road. MT21:9 Some of the crowds rushed ahead of Jesus while others followed behind, all yelling, “Hosanna[1] to the Son of David! ‘Blessed is the one coming in the Name of YHWH!’[2] [Psalm 118:26] Hosanna in the highest!”


[1] Hosanna: WMS: Welcome; GDSP: God bless; TCNT: God save; NW: Save.

[2] The one coming in the Name of YHWH: The crowd may have understood this Name was Yehowah. The very word “Name” became something of a synonym for YHWH. The Hallel Psalm 118:26 sings, “Blessed be the One coming in the name of Yehowah.” These words were from the Passover hymn sung following the Passover meal.

Triumphal entry of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem



Matthew 21:1-3 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: Sent Ahead for a Donkey

Matthew 21:4-5 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: Your King Is Coming upon a Donkey


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Répondez à Jéhovah par des actions de grâces


*Louez Yah,
car il est bon d’exécuter des mélodies pour notre Dieu ;
car cela est agréable — la louange convient.

Jéhovah bâtit Jérusalem ;
il réunit les dispersés d’Israël.


“5  heureux celui qui a pour secours le dieu de Jacob, qui met son espoir en l’Eternel, son dieu ! 6 il a fait les cieux et la terre, la mer et tout ce qui s’y trouve. il garde la fidélité à toujours.” (Psaumes 146:5-6 NEG)

“8 L’Eternel ouvre les yeux des aveugles ; L’Eternel redresse ceux qui sont courbés ; L’Eternel aime les justes. 9 L’Eternel protège les étrangers, il soutient l’orphelin et la veuve, mais il renverse la voie des méchants.” (Psaumes 146:8-9 NEG)

“tous ceux qui resteront de toutes les nations venues contre Jérusalem monteront chaque année pour adorer le roi, l’Eternel des armées, et pour célébrer la fête des tabernacles.” (Zacharie 14:16 NEG)

“si quelqu’un veut leur faire du mal, du feu sort de leur bouche et dévore leurs ennemis ; et si quelqu’un veut leur faire du mal, il faut qu’il soit tué de cette manière.” (Apocalypse 11:5 NEG)

“Psaume de David. Eternel, je t’invoque : viens en hâte auprès de moi ! prête l’oreille à ma voix, quand je t’invoque !” (Psaumes 141:1 NEG)

“2 (142-3) je répands ma plainte devant lui, je lui raconte ma détresse. 3 (142-4) quand mon esprit est abattu au-dedans de moi, toi, tu connais mon sentier. sur la route où je marche ils m’ont tendu un piège.” (Psaumes 142:2-3 NEG)

“1  cantique des degrés. voici, bénissez l’Eternel, vous tous, serviteurs de l’Eternel, qui vous tenez dans la maison de l’Eternel pendant les nuits ! 2 Elevez vos mains vers le sanctuaire, et bénissez l’Eternel ! 3 que l’Eternel te bénisse de Sion, lui qui a fait les cieux et la terre !” (Psaumes 134:1-3 NEG)

“car l’Eternel, votre dieu, est le dieu des dieux, le seigneur des seigneurs, le dieu grand, fort et terrible, qui ne fait point de favoritisme et qui ne reçoit point de présent,” (Deutéronome 10:17 NEG)

“1  louez l’Eternel ! louez le nom de l’Eternel, louez-le, serviteurs de l’Eternel, 2 qui vous tenez dans la maison de l’Eternel, dans les parvis de la maison de notre dieu ! 3 louez l’Eternel ! car l’Eternel est bon. chantez à son nom ! car il est favorable. 4 car l’Eternel s’est choisi Jacob, Israël, pour qu’il lui appartienne. 5  je sais que l’Eternel est grand, et que notre seigneur est au-dessus de tous les dieux. 6 tout ce que l’Eternel veut, il le fait, dans les cieux et sur la terre, dans les mers et dans les abîmes. 7 il fait monter les nuages des extrémités de la terre, il produit les éclairs et la pluie, il tire le vent de ses trésors.” (Psaumes 135:1-7 NEG)

“car l’Eternel est un grand dieu, il est un grand roi au-dessus de tous les dieux.” (Psaumes 95:3 NEG)

“car l’Eternel est grand et très digne de louange, il est redoutable par-dessus tous les dieux ;” (Psaumes 96:4 NEG)

“je te loue de ce que je suis une créature si merveilleuse. tes oeuvres sont admirables, et mon âme le reconnaît bien.” (Psaumes 139:14 NEG)

“1  (9-1) au chef des chantres. sur « meurs pour le fils ». Psaume de David. (9-2) je louerai l’Eternel de tout mon coeur, je raconterai toutes tes merveilles. 2 (9-3) je ferai de toi le sujet de ma joie et de mon allégresse, je chanterai ton nom, dieu très-haut !” (Psaumes 9:1-2 NEG)

“toutes les nations que tu as faites viendront se prosterner devant ta face, seigneur, et rendre gloire à ton nom.” (Psaumes 86:9 NEG)

“A chaque nouvelle lune et à chaque sabbat, toute chair viendra m’adorer, dit l’Eternel.” (Esaïe 66:23 NEG)

“(22-8) tous ceux qui me voient se moquent de moi, ils ouvrent la bouche, secouent la tête,” (Psaumes 22:7 NEG)

“1  au chef des chantres. cantique. Psaume. Poussez vers dieu des cris de joie, vous tous, habitants de la terre ! 2 chantez la gloire de son nom, célébrez sa gloire par vos louanges ! 3 dites à dieu : que tes oeuvres sont redoutables ! A cause de la grandeur de ta force, tes ennemis te flattent. 4 toute la terre t’adore et chante en ton honneur ; elle chante ton nom. — Pause.” (Psaumes 66:1-4 NEG)

“louez l’Eternel, vous toutes les nations, célébrez-le, vous tous les peuples !” (Psaumes 117:1 NEG)

“(48-11) comme ton nom, ô dieu ! ta louange retentit jusqu’aux extrémités de la terre ; ta droite est pleine de justice.” (Psaumes 48:10 NEG)

“1  (65-1) au chef des chantres. Psaume de David. cantique. (65-2) avec confiance, ô dieu ! on te louera dans Sion. et l’on accomplira les voeux qu’on t’a faits. 2 (65-3) O toi, qui écoutes la prière ! tous les hommes viendront à toi.” (Psaumes 65:1-2 NEG)

“(65-14) les pâturages se couvrent de brebis, et les vallées se revêtent de froment. les cris de joie et les chants retentissent.” (Psaumes 65:13 NEG)

“13 J’élèverai la coupe des délivrances, et j’invoquerai le nom de l’Eternel ; 14 J’accomplirai mes voeux envers l’Eternel, en présence de tout son peuple. 15 elle a du prix aux yeux de l’Eternel, la mort de ceux qui l’aiment. 16 Ecoute-moi, ô Eternel ! car je suis ton serviteur, ton serviteur, fils de ta servante. tu as détaché mes liens. 17 je t’offrirai un sacrifice d’actions de grâces, et j’invoquerai le nom de l’Eternel ; 18 J’accomplirai mes voeux envers l’Eternel, en présence de tout son peuple, 19 dans les parvis de la maison de l’Eternel, au milieu de toi, Jérusalem ! louez l’Eternel !” (Psaumes 116:13-19 NEG)

“21 que ma bouche publie la louange de l’Eternel, et que toute chair bénisse son saint nom, A toujours et à perpétuité ! 146:1  louez l’Eternel ! mon âme, loue l’Eternel !” (Psaumes 145:21-146:1 NEG)

“je louerai l’Eternel tant que je vivrai, je célébrerai mon dieu tant que j’existerai.” (Psaumes 146:2 NEG)

“11 L’Eternel aime ceux qui le craignent, ceux qui espèrent en sa bonté. 12  Jérusalem, célèbre l’Eternel ! Sion, loue ton dieu ! 13 car il affermit les barres de tes portes, il bénit tes fils au milieu de toi ; 14 il rend la paix à ton territoire, il te rassasie du meilleur froment. 15 il envoie ses ordres sur la terre, sa parole court avec vitesse.” (Psaumes 147:11-15 NEG)

“1  louez l’Eternel ! louez l’Eternel du haut des cieux ! louez-le dans les lieux élevés ! 2 louez-le, vous tous ses anges ! louez-le, vous toutes ses armées ! 3 louez-le, soleil et lune ! louez-le, vous toutes, étoiles lumineuses ! 4 louez-le, cieux des cieux, et vous, eaux qui êtes au-dessus des cieux ! 5 qu’ils louent le nom de l’Eternel ! car il a commandé, et ils ont été créés. 6 il les a affermis pour toujours et à perpétuité ; il a donné des lois, et il ne les violera point. 7  louez l’Eternel du bas de la terre, monstres marins, et vous tous, abîmes,” (Psaumes 148:1-7 NEG)

“1  louez l’Eternel ! chantez à l’Eternel un cantique nouveau ! chantez ses louanges dans l’assemblée des fidèles ! 2 qu’Israël se réjouisse en celui qui l’a créé ! que les fils de Sion soient dans l’allégresse à cause de leur roi ! 3 qu’ils louent son nom avec des danses, qu’ils le célèbrent avec le tambourin et la harpe ! 4 car l’Eternel prend plaisir à son peuple, il glorifie les malheureux en les sauvant. 5 que les fidèles triomphent dans la gloire, qu’ils poussent des cris de joie sur leur couche ! 6  que les louanges de dieu soient dans leur bouche, et le glaive à deux tranchants dans leur main,” (Psaumes 149:1-6 NEG)

“1  louez l’Eternel ! louez dieu dans son sanctuaire ! louez-le dans l’étendue, où éclate sa puissance ! 2 louez-le pour ses hauts faits ! louez-le selon l’immensité de sa grandeur ! 3 louez-le au son de la trompette ! louez-le avec le luth et la harpe ! 4 louez-le avec le tambourin et avec des danses ! louez-le avec les instruments à cordes et le chalumeau ! 5 louez-le avec les cymbales sonores ! louez-le avec les cymbales retentissantes ! 6 que tout ce qui respire loue l’Eternel ! louez l’Eternel !” (Psaumes 150:1-6 NEG)

“(21-14) lève-toi, Eternel, avec ta force ! nous voulons chanter, célébrer ta puissance.” (Psaumes 21:13 NEG)

“1  non pas à nous, Eternel, non pas à nous, mais à ton nom donne gloire, A cause de ta bonté, à cause de ta fidélité ! 2 pourquoi les nations diraient-elles : où donc est leur dieu ?” (Psaumes 115:1-2 NEG)

“L’Eternel est mon partage et mon calice ; C’est toi qui m’assures mon lot ;” (Psaumes 16:5 NEG)

“(80-19) et nous ne nous éloignerons plus de toi. fais-nous revivre, et nous invoquerons ton nom.” (Psaumes 80:18 NEG)

“(65-6) dans ta bonté, tu nous exauces par des prodiges, dieu de notre salut, espoir de toutes les extrémités lointaines de la terre et de la mer !” (Psaumes 65:5 NEG)




Bring praise to the Creator

Praise Jehovah you people

Afrikaans: Ek sal u prys, o Jehovah, met my hele hart

Deutsch: Preiset Jehova, Denn es ist gut, unserem Gott Melodien zu spielen

Nederlands: Looft Jehovah en bezingt Hem met melodieën

Nages (Tarn) - Inscription au dessus de la por...

Nages (Tarn) – Inscription au dessus de la porte de l’église : DIEU SOIT LOUE A TOUT JAMAIS CAR IL A ENTANDEU ET EXAUCE MA VOIS FAICT A SA LOUANGE …1605 Armes du capitaine Calvet ? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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Bring praise to the Creator

Often people moan about their life. It is as if they do not like to be here on this world. Many think the grass is greener somewhere else.

We have our good and our bad days on this earth. Some days we like it here very much, other days we hate it. Most of us do have questions why we are here and what life is all about. Many also wonder how they came about and what the reason of all the things that happen are. Lots of people only think of God when something goes wrong and than they question Him. It is not that God is silent when bad things happen here or when justice appears not to be meted out on our terms for the terrors of this world. It is also not God who created the terrors of this world. People do forget that most of the difficulties which come over them are a result of them leaving God, not listening to His ordinances. Most people have separated themselves  from the Creator, Jehovah God.

The Creator has always walked alongside His people and was always longsuffering, patient and waiting for any of us that would turn to Him. He provided the solution for mankind to come back to Him, but many still do not see the Restoration. God gave His only begotten son as The Way to come to Him. His door, through Christ, is always open.

One of the main problems of the human beings is that they put their trust in mere man. They look forward that other men can find a political solution to make this life better. Some look to their idols to inspire them, other put all their trust in so called powerful persons.  They all forget that no ordinary man shall be capable to find the most sublime best solution. They hope to find any kind of consistency and salvation in mankind.  They forget what happened in passed time. Many do not know the history of mankind.

English: Plaque at coastal viewpoint Quoting a...

Plaque at coastal viewpoint Quoting a Psalm in the praise of the Creator God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case more people would know the history of the world and religion they would know that the reasons why it is such a mess is that people have far gone off the Law of God. Many our blinded, even when they do think they are religious and belonging to a church. In those churches they eat dogmatic words and often have not much Words of God coming unto them. Words of pastors and men surround them. Some of them want to bring the flock to see through the mist, to look at God, who alone is our rock and source of eternal lifeGod alone is worthy of our praise.

And because humankind does not recognises the works of the Creator, they also do not praise enough. In case they would praise more they would also be more enlightened.

Praise is not some non-emotional reaction – it is a holistic pouring out of self to lift up our voice and spirit to the Lord.  It isn’t a suggestion – it is a command.  It is an action.  It requires us to be totally involved emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Praising the Most High, Creator of all things, should become a way of life.

For every God loving person it is a way of living. It is a lifestyle.

Praising God is something that comes in earnest from the heart. It is the fulfilment of the grace of love. To Praise God involves all of the individual ‘I’.

To praise the Almighty God isn’t some external only action. It involves our entire being.  It takes all of us, down to our very soul, to praise Jehovah, God of all gods, King of all kings and King of all gods.

Praising God, is showing our love to Him and giving Him notice that we do not put ​our​ trust in nobles, nor in the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs. It is recognising how small we are and that when we come to the end of our life our spirit goes out and we go back to the ground of this world, becoming dust. It is recognising that in the day of our death it shall be the day that our thoughts do perish.

Simeon's song of praise.

Simeon’s song of praise. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By praising Jehovah, using His Name, we show Him that we want to give ourselves to Him and that we want to show are thanks for the many blessed moments we get in this life, though it may also be filled with difficult moments and moments never to be remembered. But by praising God we show Him and the world around us that we are belonging to the happy ones who has the God of Jacob for their help, whose hope is in Jehovah their God,  the Maker of heaven and earth, of the sea, and of all that is in them, the One keeping trueness to time indefinite.

By praising Him alone we show the world and its Creator that we are willing to give ourselves in the hand of the Elohim, the One executing judgement for the defrauded ones, the One giving bread to the hungry ones, because we know that Jehovah is releasing those who are bound. We are sure that Jehovah is opening our eyes and even those of the blind ones.

In case we do bow down in front of God He might raise us up.

Jehovah is loving the righteous ones and is guarding the alien residents. Wherever we may be on this earth or this universe God is willing to be with us. When we call unto Him He shall come unto us.

Giving praise to Jehovah the king to time indefinite, we let Him know that we do recognise those facts, as written in His Word, the Bible. We do recognise that His Word is infallible and let it inspire us every hour of the day. Reading in the Bible is also a form of praising God, often forgotten by many. It is like reading the love letter from your most beloved over and over again, thinking of Him all the time, wanting to be close by Him.

We should take as much time as we can in the Word of God, reading it and taking it at heart. By reading those Words of Hope we shall get to know better the rock on which our fortress shall stand strong. In the Words of God we shall be able to find who is our Deliverer; our God being our rock, in whom we take refuge.

He is my and your shield and the horn of my and your salvation, my and your stronghold, in case you are willing to recognise the Most High. His only begotten son made it possible for all people to be reconciled again with the Father of all. It is on Him that we should call. Jesus learned his followers to pray to his Father with the words ‘Our Father’. Yes we can say “Our Father” to the creator of all things and praise Him. We also can ask Him many things in the name of His son Jesus.

Let us be humble enough and give praise to the right one. Praise to the LORD of lords, who is worthy of praise.

We need to recognize God and His sovereignty continually. And we should praise Him with all our heart,with all our soul, but also we are told

I will sing praises to my God while I have my being”.

"Jehovah" at Exodus 6:3 (1611 King J...

“Jehovah” at Exodus 6:3 (1611 King James Version) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That reinforces the lifelong aspect of praise, but also that singing is one way we should be lifting up His name.  We should praise Him with our voice.  It isn’t something we should always do in a closet but verbally and often in front of others. His son also asked his pupils to go out in the world and proclaim the Name of the Father. This Name: Jehovah, should sound all over the world, through many generations.

We should let as many as possible know that we love Jehovah our God, for generation after generation.

It is a personal relationship with us the Creator God desires.  Not because He needs us, but because He loves us.  He desires that we enter into His presence and have a relationship.
Do you have that with God?
Are you praising Him with all your soul?
If not, today is the day to begin.  He is worthy.  He deserves and desires our praise!

“Praise Jah, ​YOU​ people!”


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Nazarene Commentary Luke 1:67-80 – Zechariah’s Prophecy

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