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Matthew 21:1-3 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: Sent Ahead for a Donkey


[“Triumphal Entry!”]
(Key word: Rejection)

Matthew 21:1-3 – Sent Ahead for a Donkey

|| Mark 11:1-3; Luke 19:28-31

MT21:1 Now when they drew near Jerusalem they entered Bethphage[1] on the Mount of Olives.[2] From there Jesus sent away two disciples, MT21:2 telling them: “Be on your way to this nearby village.[3] You will quickly locate a donkey tied with her colt.[4] Untie these and bring them back to me. MT21:3 Now if anyone asks you what you are doing, tell them, ‘The Master needs them and will return them.’”[5]


[1] Bethphage: Meaning, “House of Early Figs.” Near enough to provide a full view of Jerusalem.

[2] Mount of Olives: About a half mile from Jerusalem (a Sabbath day’s journey) with a summit of 2,700 feet. During the Roman siege in 70 CE the hills were stripped of their trees [The Jewish War, V, 523 (xii, 4)]. Much occurs in this area during the ministry of the Nazarene.

[3] Nearby village: Or, KJV: village over against you; TCNT: the village facing you; NEB: the village opposite. Possibly Bethany where Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary and Martha, lived.

[4] Donkey tied with her colt: Mark 11:2 has it, “… find a colt tied, on which none of mankind has yet sat.” Compare Luke 19:30. Some view these as contradictions. Others recognize that one writer may report one thing, and another add something which does not contradict but amplifies the information. Surely any future editor could have altered the original to force them into what would appear a closer harmony. Unless the eyewitnesses knew there was no contradiction. The actual prophecy may have the answer.

[5] And will return them: Or, KJV: he will send them; KNX: he will let you have them without more ado; RIEU: but will send them back at once. The phrase has two possible meanings.



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