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From Bibles and other religious writings and those who witness for Jehovah

Whatever language is your native tongue or first language, God has taken care every person wherever in the world shall be able to read His Word and shall be able to come to understanding.

We also know the importance of the preaching of that Word of God. Coming closer to the end-times the Word of God shall be preached all over the world. To do that, God uses lots of people. They may come from all sorts of walks of life and from all sorts of denominations. One main same crunch and likeness point is that they are real lovers of God who want to show the world Who God is and which way we have to go to reach the goal God has set in front of mankind.

It are those lovers of God, who are willing to study God His Word and prefer God His Word above the words of mere human beings, that want to show the world how Jesus is the Way to God and not to himself, like some trinitarian Christians may think. Jesus knew very clear Who God was and that he is lower than this Mighty God Who knows everything, whilst Jesus had to learn everything and did not know a lot of things, even had no knowledge of very important things at the end of his life and after he was resurrected from the dead.

All over the world you may find sincere Bible Students of different denominations, but all with the same goal, to worship One and Only One True God, the God of Israel.

pt: Trabalho de evangelização típico das Teste...

Evangelisation by going from door to door by the Jehovah’s Witnessess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People may know the Jehovah Witnesses very well and may not see that there are also many other lovers of God who preach for that same Jehovah, because He is the Elohim Hashem Adonai Whose Name is Holy and should be praised. Many others than the Witnesses of Jehovah witness for Jehovah. The Jehovah’s Witnesses also should know they are not the only ones preaching in the name of God.

Christians should also know that it are not only Christians who worship God, because that is too often a wrong thought of many Christians. In the world there are many religions where people try to build up a relationship with God. They all may have their own peculiarities, but they are looking for the same Spirit, the Eternal Divine Creator. Some of them still may not know His real Name, and use titles which also belong to Him. Others may use a name or title not familiar in an other culture or language.

What is important that wherever people are in the world, whatever language they speak, is that they come to know the Most High Divine Creator.

2016 has been a very particular difficult hoar year where several groups did everything to blacken religion and in extremis those religions where there are people who try to worship only One True God in the best way they can think of. In Europe, Asia and America Jews were bullied and felt threatened. Muslims did not have it easy either by some so called Islamic groups blackening their religion and having so many people getting afraid of everything that smells of the Islam world.

The fear ISIS brought over Europe was so much damaging to the Muslim community that it got envisioned as something from the devil by many Christians and atheists. Many citizens could not at all bring up any respect for the way how those people wanted to commit themselves to their faith.

The Muslim faith came to be in such a bad light that everything close to a Mohammedan has gotten a bad smell. For that reason it is not bad Christians better to revise their view and should have a closer look to the real sincere Muhammadan or real Muslim.

Lots of people did everything to get religious people to become divided. Lots of so called Christians started to oppose Muslims, calling them names and even attacking them. The other way round certain Islamic countries took adversary to Christians who also used God’s title Allah.

It is nice that we may find you here as one of our readers. Perhaps you also know other sites of International Bible Students or do you also visit other sites of Bible Scholars, like Bijbelvorsers. In March we also presented already some new websites for 2016 which make an effort to bring people to God. As such for English readers there is the site and blog Relating to God.

We also do find it important that we as children of God come to know other creatures of God and come to understand the way of thinking of such other human beings.

For this reason we would like to present to you two new websites which also try to bring people to the One and Only One True God.

The first one, which started at the end of November, may be from an awkward person asking lots of questions. As Lastige Vragensteller or Troublesome Inquirer, he poses many questions but dares also to look at the many answers Muslim and Christian writers may offer to humanity and compares it by what he can read in what those religions say what their Holy Writings are. As such you shall be able to compare Quran verses with Bible verses and perhaps find some light shed on what Muslims might believe right or wrong and on what Christians might believe right or wrong according to their own writings.

That inquirer is not afraid to question both religions and to notice how in Islam Faith as well as Christian Faith there are groups which do not adhere the teachings of who they say they are following. For him it is clear that there are false teachers as well in the Muslim as in the Christian world and that we should be very careful before we judge one or the other group, knowing that there is such thing as not true Islam and not true Catholicism or not true ‘Christianism’ in Christendom opposed to Christianity which always should be pure, with people following the teachings of Jesus.



The other new website which stared only a few days later, in December, also wants to tackle the differences in Christendom and/or Christianity with the thought of the Jewish rabbi Jeshua, who is by English speaking people mostly called Jesus. Immanuel Verbondskind looks at that Christ from the Christians and concludes that there are many Christians who have taken Jesus as their god, though that master teacher never claimed to be God, and as every Jew only worshipped One Singular and not a Tri-une god.

Comparing the writings on which Jesus based his teachings, namely the Tanakh, with the Torah, the Writings and the Prophets, Immanuel Verbondskind also looks at the second group of Writings (the Kethuvim Beth or Messianic writings) and notices how many Christians have gone far away from what is really written in the original texts, often also having wrong ideas because they do not understand the Jewish way of thinking.

For this writer and his blog it is of utmost importance to return to the original texts and to keep to the infallible Word of God, which is handed over to mankind by the pen of several by God chosen men, scribes and prophets. for that reason he also first looks at how we do have to come to read those precious Scriptures which god gave to mankind to come to know Him.


Both blogs focus on God’s Word and say that Voice of God should be the Guidance in our life and not the dogmatic teachings of people.

As a young wanderer Immanuel Verbondskind shall look at the way of speaking of the different religious entities, which both claim to worship One God. He shall look at the religious penmen or theologians and shall uncover their teachings which are not in line with the Biblical teachings. Though for him is it clear that Christians concerning God should be in line with Jews, but Christ Jesus can never be the God of the Jews, like it also never was the God of Abraham nor the God of Jesus himself.

So many Christians have lost the track and have come to believe more the false teachings of a three-headed god, because they did not listen to God, not to God His sent one, the son of man and son of God, rabbi Jeshua or  Jesus Christ and do not come to see the Plan of the Master Maker God.

Reading the Holy Scriptures is essential to come to the Truth. At this website we do expect to have several quotes from the Holy Scriptures to be presented and to be looked at, when speaking about certain Jewish traditions and Christian traditions which have nothing to do with God יהוה (YHWH = Yod Heh Vav Heh = Jehovah) His Word but where imposed to man by ‘theologians‘ or rebbe.


We do hope you may find interesting articles at those two sites which each looks from a different angle at Christianity.

Enjoy reading and get inspired to take up your bible and to compare what is said with what is written in the Bible.



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Enkele nieuwe websites om mensen tot God te brengen

Helpende websites om voor te bereiden op de laatste dagen

Wanneer u weet of denkt dat we dichter bij de Laatste Dagen komen kan u misschien beseffen welk belang het heeft om een doorgezette prediking te voeren.

Voor de prediking kan men huis aan huis gaan, maar dan krijgt men wel meer de deur dicht gegooid in de neus. Ook komt het niet altijd gelegen wanneer wij aanbellen. Makkelijker is om steeds een open deur naar de mensen aan te bieden wanneer zij maar willen kijken of luisteren. Met het internet krijgen wij zulk een prachtig medium aangeboden waarbij mensen op het ogenblik dat zij willen van alles kunnen lezen. Maar dan moet het natuurlijk voor hen ter beschikking en vindbaar zijn op het wereldwijde net. daarom is het ook erg belangrijk indien er bepaalde websites zijn om mensen tot God te brengen dat anderen deze kenbaar maken aan de mensen rondom hen. Indien meerdere mensen het woord verspreiden kunnen ook meerdere mensen er van horen en het weten te vinden.

Nu wij moeilijkere tijden tegemoet zullen gaan kan het fijn zijn als mensen een plekje weten te vinden waar zij soelaas kunnen vinden. Het kan interessant zijn om enige troost te kunnen aanbieden aan anderen door hen zulke plekjes van troost kenbaar te maken. Ook wij willen helpen in het aanbieden van materiaal om zich zelf sterk genoeg te maken om de komende problemen te kunnen weerstaan. Om jezelf immuun tegen de tegenstander van de wereld zijn Schepper te maken, zijn drie Nederlandstalige websites gecreëerd met daarnaast twee-eiige tweelingbroertjes in het Engels.

Ieder van hen zijn gericht op mensen die op zoek zijn naar God en/of gericht zijn op degenen die op zoek zijn naar het opbouwen van een goede relatie met God, de Goddelijke Schepper, met Zijn zoon, en in harmonie met Zijn schepping te komen.

Het is niet altijd gemakkelijk om op te staan tegen de behandeling van deze kapitalistische en over-consumerende hele wereld, maar we kunnen ons harnas en elkaar helpen om sterk in de komende tijden van verleiding en oproer zijn.

Relating to God (Weebly website) About page

Relating to God (Weebly website) About page

De mens kan God niet zien en leven (Exodus 33:20), maar we geloven dat de mens een zeer goede relatie met deze onzichtbare God kan opbouwen. Ook al mag Die God boven alle goden, voor veel mensen in de wereld nog een onbekende God zijn en willen velen in onze contreien niet over Hem weten, moeten wij het toch tot onze taak nemen om Zijn Naam te verspreiden. Daarom zouden we graag meer mensen deze liefdevolle God, die wil een liefdevolle vreedzame relatie met Zijn schepselen te hebben, leren kennen . “Met betrekking tot God” of “Relating to God” en de relatie met God – blog “Relating to God – Blog” willen een idee geven hoe mensen op zoek kunnen gaan naar God, hoe er toe te zien om de juiste weg in het leven in te slaan om op de juiste manier God te vinden, en hoe een degelijke sterke band met de mensen om ons heen met Jezus Christus, de zoon van God en met God op te bouwen, zodat de hemelse Vader blij met ons kan zijn.

Ons leven is beperkt in de tijd en het is van cruciaal belang om het beste van te maken. De vijf nieuwe websites zullen proberen om hun lezers te laten zien hoe we in staat zijn om het beste van ons leven te maken en hoe we een nog beter leven in de toekomst kunnen waarborgen.

De Nederlandse websites de vormen met elkaar een drieluik. Als een driemaster wil het door de drukke en woelige wateren van dit systeem der tijden en dingen varen en mensen naar de veilige haven brengen die er klaar ligt voor iedereen die tot God wil te komen en Hem toebehoren.

Op zoek naar God - 1° Component of the triptych about looking for God and the way to Him to come into a good relationship.

Op zoek naar God – 1° Component of the triptych about looking for God and the way to Him to come into a good relationship. – Openingsluiik van de triptiek rond onze houding tegenover God

De eerste component van de Nederlandstalige sites is speciaal gemaakt voor degenen die niet veel over God weten en zich afvragen of Hij wel bestaat en wat Hij voor ons kan doen. Omdat het voor degenen die op zoek zijn naar Waarheid en God is ontworpen, heeft het de toepasselijke titel “Op zoek naar God“.

De tweede component wil laten zien dat er in deze wereld verschillende wegen voor ons liggen maar dat het aan ons is om de juiste wegen in te slaan. We kunnen kiezen uit vele paadjes, voet-, auto- en en snelwegen, maar welke wij best kiezen om onze bestemming te bereiken ligt hier voor. Alsook wordt er de vraag gesteld welke bestemming je wil bereiken?

De weg naar God (The Way to God; 2° component of triptych)

De weg naar God (The Way to God; 2° component of triptych)

Met ‘De Weg naar God ” willen we laten zien dat de Nazarener rabbi Jeshua (Jezus Christus) de weg is die we moeten volgen om God te kunnen bereiken. Deze tweede component wordt (gedeeltelijk) geïntegreerd in de “Relating to God” (Met betrekking tot God) sites (maar dan in het Engels).

God vinden - Gereedsschapspagina (Tools page of Finding God)

God vinden – Gereedsschapspagina (Tools page of Finding God)

Als laatste deel in het drieluik kunt u “God Vinden” aantreffen. Dit derde deel pakt de belangrijke kwestie van het vinden van God aan en overschouwd hoe wij kinderen van God moeten zijn en hoe wij ons moeten verhouden in het bondgenootschap met God. De daar besproken onderwerpen gesproken maken ook deel uit van de “Met betrekking tot God” of “Relating to God” sites.

Wij geloven dat alle mensen in staat moeten zijn om de stem van God te horen, Zijn wonderwerken te zien, en Zijn Woorden te vinden om deze en Hem die ze voorzien heeft gemakkelijk te begrijpen. Daarom willen wij het goede nieuws van het komende Koninkrijk verkondigen op het internet om zoveel mogelijk mensen te bereiken. De nieuwe websites moeten hiertoe een bijdrage leveren.

Degenen die Waarheid en God, kennen en liefhebben, moeten degenen zijn die bereid zijn om mee te helpen om de goede boodschap te verspreiden. Ook u kan helpen om het goede nieuws te verspreiden door toezending van onze boodschappen en door hen aardig te vinden en ze te delen op de sociale media, zodat meer mensen met deze teksten kunnen geconfronteerd worden.

Als u het schrijven u niet bepaalt ligt, hoeft u geen artikelen zelf te schrijven, maar dat neemt niet weg dat u niet artikelen van anderen zou kunnen doorzenden naar anderen.  Ook al heb je geen pennenkriebels hoef je niet te denken dat je niet zou kunnen helpen in het predikingswerk. Het Woord verder te laten rondgaan in de wereld is onderdeel van onze predikingstaak die door Jezus werd opgedragen aan zijn volgelingen.  Door de teksten van die nieuwe websites en van reeds bestaande websites aan anderen kenbaar te maken kan u ook mee getuigen.

Met deze vijf nieuwe websites van de Belgische Christadelphians wordt de hoop uitgesproken om het Evangelie tot nog meer mensen te brengen. Waar je ook bent, welke taal je ook maar spreekt, kun je anderen in contact brengen met die websites, zodat ze meer materiaal te lezen en te onderzoeken krijgen alsook om hen te helpen om de Heilige Schrift beter te begrijpen.

Mogen wij rekenen op u, studenten van de Bijbel en iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in God, om het bestaan van deze nieuwe websites en de reeds bestaande ouder websites te delen aan mensen om ook hen in een goede relatie met God, Jezus en elkaar te brengen?


U toegenegen,

Relating to God


An English version about this subject: Helping websites to prepare for the last days


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Helping websites to prepare for the last days

When you know or think we could be coming closer to the Last Days it can be interesting to have some comfort in helping material to make yourself strong enough to withstand the coming troubles. To make yourself immune against the adversary of the world its Creator, two new websites in English and three in Dutch came unto the market.

All of them are directed to those people who are looking for God and/or are aiming at those who are looking to build up a good relationship with God, the Divine Creator and to come in harmony with His creation.

It is not always easy to stand up against the treatment of this capitalist and over-consuming world, but we can armour us and help each other to be strong in the coming times of temptation and of uproar.

Relating to God (Weebly website) About page

Relating to God (Weebly website) About page

Man can not see God and live (Exodus 33:20), but we do believe man can have a very good relation with this unseen God, Who is for many people in the world also an unknown God. Therefore we would love to get more people to know this loving God who wants to have a loving peaceful relationship with His creatures. “Relating to God” and Relating to God – blog” want to give an idea how to look for God, how to see and to take the right way to God, how to find God and how to make such a strong connection with the people around us, Jesus Christ, the son of God and with God so that the heavenly Father may be pleased with us.

Relating to God - Blog (WordPress) Relating-to God is it possible - article.

Relating to God – Blog (WordPress) Relating-to God is it possible – article.

Our life is limited in time and it is crucial to make the best of it. The five new websites shall try to show their readers how we are able to make the best of our life and how we can ensure an even better life in the future.

The Dutch websites together are forming a triptych. As a three-master it wants to sail trough heavy waters of this system of times and things and bring people into the safe harbour which is prepared for all who want to come to God.

Op zoek naar God - 1° Component of the triptych about looking for God and the way to Him to come into a good relationship.

Op zoek naar God – 1° Component of the triptych about looking for God and the way to Him to come into a good relationship.

The first component is especially created for those who do not known much about God and wonder if He exists and what He can do for us. Being for those who are looking for God it has the appropriate title “Op zoek naar God” (Looking for God). The second component wants to show that in this world we do have different roads in front of us. We can choose out of many highways, but which one do we best choose to reach our destination? And which destination do you want to reach?

De weg naar God (The Way to God; 2° component of triptych)

De weg naar God (The Way to God; 2° component of triptych)

With “De Weg naar God” (The Way to God) we want to show that the Nazarene rabbi Jeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way to God we should follow. This second component shall (for parts) also be integrated in the “Relating to God” sites (but than in English).

God vinden - Gereedsschapspagina (Tools page of Finding God)

God vinden – Gereedsschapspagina (Tools page of Finding God)

As final part in the triptych you may find “God vinden” (Finding God), which shall tackle the important matter of finding God and to make an ally with God. The subjects spoken off there shall also be spoken off at the “Relating to God” sites.

We believe all people should be able to hear the Voice of God and find His Words to read easily. Therefore we want to proclaim the Good News of the coming Kingdom on the internet to reach as many people as possible. Those who know and love God already should be the ones who help to spread the Good Message. You too, can help to spread the good news by forwarding our messages and by liking them and sharing them on social media so that more people may come confronted with them.

If you do not have the writing pen in you, you do not have to think you can not help in the preaching work. Getting word around is part of our preaching work you can do as well. Witnessing comprehends the sharing of the material available to come to more knowledge. With those five new websites the Belgian Christadelphians do hope to bring the Gospel message to even more people. Wherever you are, whichever language you speak, you can bring others in contact with those websites so that they may find more material to read and to examine and to help them to comprehend the Holy Scriptures.

May we count unpon you, students of the Bible and all those interested in God, to share the existence of those new websites and the already existing and older websites to bring people in a good relationship with God, Jesus and each other?


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