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Nazarene Commentary Matthew 4:23-25 – Kingdom Preaching and Healing Draws Crowds

Matthew 4:23-25 – Kingdom Preaching and Healing Draws Crowds

|| Mark 1:39; 3:7, 8; Luke 4:14 – 15:44

MT4:23 And Jesus was traveling around the whole of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues,[1] preaching the good news of the Kingdom, and curing every disease and every infirmity among the people. MT4:24 And reports about Jesus circulated as far as Syria. They brought to Jesus all those faring badly, having a variety of diseases and afflicted with torments, the demon-possessed, the moonstruck[2] and paralytics – and Jesus cured them. MT4:25 And many crowds followed Jesus – from Galilee, the Decapolis, Jerusalem and Judea, and from the other side of the Jordan.

[1] Synagogues: Jesus does what Paul does later: as Jews they preach where Jews gather.

[2] Moonstruck: The Greek is SELENIA-ZOMENOUS and is variously translated: KJV: lunatick; ASV: epileptic; BAS: those who were out of their minds; PME: insane.



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The God speaking out providing provings, signs and miracles


Deuteronomy 4: 32-36:

32 “Ask, now, about the former days before your time, from the day when God created man on the earth; search from one end of the heavens to the other end of the heavens. Has anything so great ever happened or has anything like it ever been heard of?+ 33 Have any other people heard the voice of God {“God,” MVg; SamLXX, “the living God.”} speaking out of the fire the way you have heard it and kept on living?+ 34 Or has God ever attempted to take for himself a nation out of the midst of another nation along with judgments,* with signs, with miracles,+ with war,+ with a mighty hand,+ with an outstretched arm, and with terrifying deeds,+ as Jehovah your God did for you in Egypt before your very eyes? 35 You yourselves have been shown these things so you will know that Jehovah is the true God;+ there is no other besides him.+ 36 He made you hear his voice from the heavens to correct you, and on the earth he made you see his great fire, and his words you heard from out of the fire.+ (NWT)

32 “Now ask, please, concerning the former days+ that occurred before you, from the day that God created man* on the earth+ and from one end of the heavens clear to the other end of the heavens, Was any great thing brought about like this or was anything heard like it?+ 33 Has any other people heard the voice of God {“God,” MVg; SamLXX, “the living God.”} speaking out of the middle of the fire the way you yourself have heard it, and kept on living?+ 34 Or did God attempt to come to take a nation to himself out of the midst of another nation with provings,+ with signs+ and with miracles+ and with war+ and with a strong hand+ and with an outstretched arm+ and with great fearsomeness+ like all that Jehovah YOUR God has done for YOU in Egypt before your eyes? 35 You—you have been shown, so as to know that Jehovah is the [true] God;+ there is no other besides him.+ 36 Out of the heavens he made you hear his voice so as to correct you; and upon the earth he made you see his great fire, and his words you heard from the middle of the fire.+ (Ref.B.)

  • Numbers 14:11: 11 Then Jehovah said to Moses: “How much longer will this people treat me without respect,+ and how much longer will they not put faith in me in spite of all the signs that I performed among them?+
  •  Exodus 7:3: As for me, I shall let Pharʹaoh’s heart become obstinate,*+ and I shall certainly multiply my signs and my miracles in the land of Egypt.+
  • Exodus 3:20: 20 And I shall have to stretch out my hand+ and strike Egypt with all my wonderful acts that I shall do in the midst of it; and after that he will send YOU out.+
  • Exodus 11:9: Then Jehovah said to Moses: “Pharʹaoh will not listen to YOU men,+ in order for my miracles to be increased in the land of Egypt.”+
  •  Deuteronomy 5:5: I was standing between Jehovah and YOU at that particular time+ to tell YOU the word* of Jehovah, (for YOU were afraid because of the fire and did not go up into the mountain,)+ saying,
  • Deuteronomy 5:26: 26 For who is there of all flesh that has heard the voice of the living God*+ speaking out of the middle of the fire as we did and yet goes on living?
  • Deuteronomy 7:19: 19 the great provings that your eyes saw,+ and the signs and the miracles+ and the strong hand+ and the outstretched arm+ with which Jehovah your God brought you out.+ That is the way Jehovah your God will do to all the peoples before whom you are afraid.+
  • Deuteronomy 9:23: 23 When Jehovah sent you out of Kaʹdesh-barʹne·a+ and said, ‘Go up and take possession of the land that I will certainly give you!’ you again rebelled against the order of Jehovah your God,+ and you did not exercise faith+ in him and did not obey him.
  • Deuteronomy 29:3: the great provings that your eyes saw,+ those great signs+ and miracles.+
  • Nehemiah 9:11: 11 And the sea you split+ before them, so that they crossed over through the midst of the sea on the dry land;+ and their pursuers you hurled into the depths+ like a stone+ in the strong waters.+
  • Nehemiah 9:17: 17 So they refused to listen,+ and they did not remember+ your wonderful acts that you performed with them, but they hardened their neck+ and appointed a head+ to return to their servitude in Egypt.* But you are a God* of acts of forgiveness,+ gracious+ and merciful,+ slow to anger+ and abundant+ in loving-kindness, and you did not leave them.+
  • Nehemiah 9:19: 19 you, even you, in your abundant mercy did not leave+ them in the wilderness. The pillar of cloud itself did not depart from over them by day to lead them in the way,+ nor the pillar of fire by night to light up for them the way in which they should go.+
  • Job 26:11: 11 The very pillars of heaven shake, And they are amazed because of his rebuke.
  • Psalm 29:3-4: The voice* of Jehovah* is over the waters;+ The glorious God*+ himself has thundered.+ Jehovah* is over many waters.+ The voice of Jehovah is powerful;+ The voice of Jehovah is splendid.+
  • Psalm 105:27: 27 They* set among them the matters of his signs,+ And the miracles in the land of Ham.+
  • Ezekiel 10:5:And the very sound of the wings of the cherubs+ made itself heard to the outer courtyard, like the sound of God Almighty* when he speaks.+
  • Acts 7:36: 36 This man led them out+ after doing portents and signs in Egypt+ and in the Red Sea+ and in the wilderness for forty years.+
  •  1 Thessalonians 1:9:  For they themselves keep reporting about our first contact with you and how you turned to God from your idols+ to slave for a living and true God,




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