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5 As it was, there were dwelling in Jerusalem Jews,{1 } reverent men,{2 } from every nation of those under heaven. 6 So, when this sound occurred, the multitude came together and were bewildered, because each one heard them speaking in his own language. 7 Indeed, they were astonished and began to wonder and say: “See here, all these who are speaking are Gal•i•le′ans,{3 } are they not? 8 And yet how is it we are hearing, each one of us, his own language in which we were born? 9 Par′thi•ans and Medes {4 } and E′lam•ites,{5 } and the inhabitants of Mes•o•po•ta′mi•a, and Ju•de′a {6 } and Cap•pa•do′ci•a,{7 } Pon′tus {8 } and the [district of] Asia,{9 } 10 and Phryg′i•a {10 } and Pam•phyl′i•a,{11 } Egypt and the parts of Lib′y•a, which is toward Cy•re′ne, and sojourners from Rome, both Jews and proselytes,{*+12 } 11 Cre′tans {13 } and Arabians,{14 } we hear them speaking in our tongues about the magnificent things of God.” 12 Yes, they were all astonished and were in perplexity, saying one to another: “What does this thing purpo rt to be?” 13 However, different ones mocked at them and began to say: “They are full of sweet wine.”{15 }



File:Niccolò da Bologna - 'Tempera and gold on Parchment, 1494-1402.jpg

Niccolò da Bologna’s tempera and gold on parchment, 1494-1502, J. Paul Getty Trust. This illuminated letter ‘S’ is one of twenty known large historiated initials made for a choir book commissioned by the Carthusian monastery of Santo Spirito in Lucca.
It portrays Pentecost, the moment in which the Holy Spirit descends upon the twelve apostles in order to give them the ability to speak foreign languages so they might preach throughout the world. Although all twelve apostles are shown, sometimes only a forehead or a hint of a nose indicates the body.

{1 } Jews (Exodus 23:17): 17 On three occasions in the year every male of yours will appear before the face of the [true] Lord,* Jehovah.*+{2 } reverent men (Acts 22:12): 12 “Now An•a•ni′as, a certain man reverent according to the Law, well reported+ on by all the Jews dwelling there,

{3 } Gal•i•le′ans (Mark 14:70): 70 Again he was denying it. And once more after a little while those standing by began saying to Peter: “Certainly you are one of them, for, in fact, you are a Gal•i•le′an.”+

{4 } (Acts 1:11): 11 and they said: “Men of Gal′i•lee, why do YOU stand looking into the sky? This Jesus who was received up from YOU into the sky will come thus in the same manner+ as YOU have beheld him going into the sky.”* Par′thi•ans and Medes (2 Kings 17:6): 6 In the ninth year of Ho•she′a, the king of As•syr′i•a captured Sa•mar′i•a+ and then led Israel into exile+ in As•syr′i•a and kept them dwelling in Ha′lah+ and in Ha′bor at the river Go′zan+ and in the cities of the Medes.+

{5 } E′lam•ites: (Daniel 8:2): 2 And I began to see in the vision; and it came about, while I was seeing, that I was in Shu′shan+ the castle, which is in E′lam+ the jurisdictional district; and I proceeded to see in the vision, and I myself happened to be by the watercourse* of U′lai.+

{6 } Ju•de′a: (Matthew 24:16): 16 then let those in Ju•de′a begin fleeing+ to the mountains. (Mark 1:5): 5 Consequently all the territory of Ju•de′a and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem made their way out to him, and they were baptized by him in the Jordan River, openly confessing their sins.+

{7 } Cap•pa•do′ci•a: (1 Peter 1:1): 1 Peter,* an apostle+ of Jesus Christ, to the temporary residents+ scattered about*+ in Pon′tus, Ga•la′ti•a, Cap•pa•do′ci•a,+ Asia, and Bi•thyn′i•a, to the ones chosen+

{8 } Pon′tus: (Acts 18:2): 2 And he found a certain Jew named Aq′ui•la,+ a native of Pon′tus who had recently come from Italy,+ and Pris•cil′la his wife, because of the fact that Claudius+ had ordered all the Jews to depart from Rome. So he went to them

{9 } the [district of] Asia: (Acts 13:1): 13 Now in Antioch there were prophets+ and teachers in the local congregation, Bar′na•bas as well as Sym′e•on who was called Ni′ger, and Lucius+ of Cy•re′ne, and Man′a•en who was educated with Herod the district ruler,* and Saul. (1 Peter 1:1): 1 Peter,* an apostle+ of Jesus Christ, to the temporary residents+ scattered about*+ in Pon′tus, Ga•la′ti•a, Cap•pa•do′ci•a,+ Asia, and Bi•thyn′i•a, to the ones chosen+

{10 } Phryg′i•a: (Acts 16:6): 6 Moreover, they went through Phryg′i•a and the country of Ga•la′ti•a,+ because* they were forbidden by the holy spirit to speak the word in the [district of] Asia. (Acts 18:23): 23 And when he had passed some time there he departed and went from place to place through the country of Ga•la′ti•a+ and Phryg′i•a,+ strengthening+ all the disciples.

{11 } Pam•phyl′i•a: (Acts 13:13): 13 The men, together with Paul, now put out to sea from Pa′phos and arrived at Perga in Pam•phyl′i•a.+ But John+ withdrew from them and returned+ to Jerusalem. (Acts 15:38): 38 But Paul did not think it proper to be taking this one along with them, seeing that he had departed from them from Pam•phyl′i•a+ and had not gone with them to the work.

{*+12 }proselytes or, “converts.”: (Exodus 12:48): 48 And in case an alien resident resides as an alien with you and he will actually celebrate the passover to Jehovah, let there be a circumcising* of every male of his.+ First then he may come near to celebrate it; and he must become like a native of the land. But no uncircumcised man may eat of it. (Isaiah 56:6): 6 “And the foreigners that have joined themselves to Jehovah to minister to him+ and to love the name of Jehovah,+ in order to become servants to him, all those keeping the sabbath in order not to profane it and laying hold of my covenant,+

{13 } Cre′tans: (Titus 1:12): 12 A certain one of them, their own prophet,* said: “Cre′tans are always liars, injurious+ wild beasts, unemployed gluttons.”*

{14 } Arabians: (2 Chronicles 17:11): 11 And from the Phi•lis′tines they were bringing to Je•hosh′a•phat presents+ and money as tribute.+ The Arabs+ also were bringing to him flocks, seven thousand seven hundred rams and seven thousand seven hundred he-goats.+

{15 } full of sweet wine: (1 Samuel 1:14): 14 So E′li said to her: “How long will you behave drunk?+ Put away your wine from upon you.”

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Please do find additional notes in the next part: “Tongues a sign of authenticity or divine backing” and in the article “Is Speaking in Tongues an Evidence of True Worship?


  • The Holy Spirit and the Day of Pentecost (
    The Jews had become a large enough nation that they had begun to spread out. They had gathered here for the feast of were lots of Jews here from all over the known world. Look at all of the countries and regions listed here!
  • Acts for today! (
    When Christ rose again He did NOT leave us comfortless or powerless to live out a life of blessing and anointing.  Through the Holy Spirit we are enabled!
    It is through God’s Spirit that we are wooed to Christ and it is by that same Spirit we will move and operate in our giftings as we serve Him. The same giftings and blessing that those men and women received on the day of Pentecost are the same giftings and blessing that we can receive today!
  • A Rushing Mighty Wind (
    And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.
    they were all amazed, and were in doubt, saying one to another, What meaneth this?
  • Pentecost (
    When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard their own language being spoken.
  • Declaring the Mighty Works (May 19 in Relāt) (
    there are often things in our lives (snow or love) that are so extraordinary and so encompassing that we could not possibly explain them with just a few words.
    Some theologians have argued that each were speaking in their own language while understanding one another in their native languages, while others have pointed to a distinct, singular language that would allow each of them to understand in their native tongue.  No matter how you classify it, the story of Pentecost is bursting with languages of all kinds, so that all could declare the work of God in whatever way they were able.  Without the multitude of languages, there’s just no way to experience the enormity that is the Spirit of God.  The Spirit of God was and is so vast that a single language, a single symbol, a single experience simply could not capture it.
  • Who was able to speak in tongues during New Testament times? (
    There were three groups in the New Testament who could speak in tongues, or languages they had never studied. The first group was the apostles, as we have already noted. They received the baptism of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost which gave them this power. The second group included those people to whom the apostles gave this power by laying their hands on them.  This is the way this miraculous gift was given.
    “But what about Cornelius and his household?” someone asks. They spoke in tongues without an apostle laying his hands on them. This is true, but this third group which spoke in tongues in the New Testament was a special group. Cornelius spoke in tongues as a sign that the Gentiles were to receive the Gospel along with the Jews.
  • Tongues of Fire and the Fullness of God (
    “clothing with power” or “the Spirit’s coming upon”
    clothed with power from on high (Luke 24:49)
    crucial breakthroughs for the gospel have come because of periodic extraordinary outpourings of the Spirit.
    Pentecost was the first of these great outpourings on the Christian church, and until the task of world evangelization is completed, I believe it is our duty to pray for fresh seasons of the extraordinary outpouring of God’s Spirit—to awaken and empower the church and to penetrate the final frontiers of world evangelization.
  • Divine Strategy in Paul’s Life. (
    The Bible does not by any means tell us everything that happened in the life of Paul. His own various statements in Second Corinthians lets us know that there were many “adventures” he went through that we are utterly ignorant of, apart from those remarks he makes.
    we have … the proof that Acts is not a systematic history of Paul’s exploits, but an account of some handpicked experiences, chosen by Luke for our benefit.
    Greek was the major lingua franca of the majority of Rome’s conquered nations. Because it was the bridging language of the time, this meant that Greek had spread far more widely in harbor cities than in the rest of the world that was more inland. For this pioneering preacher/teacher, the time swallowing, all consuming hindrance of learning languages was thereby factored out of the operation as conveniently as wiping a dirty plate. Because of this fact, the gospel could  advance with incredible speed westward through the nations.
  • Peter Preaching To The First Gentiles (
    You receive the Holy Spirit folks when you except Jesus as your Salvation.  And Peter commanded them to be baptized in the name of the Lord. Baptized with water. Note: also that the receiving of the Holy Spirit precedes water baptism, indicating that salvation precedes water baptism, snce only Christians possess the Holy spirit. Spirit baptism is no substitute for water baptism.
  • Acts 1-3 By Jack AKA Brutus (
    Here we see that the followers of Christ are persecuted when they are seriously being moved by the Holy Spirit. I know most of us can attest to similar things happening in our own lives. I personally can think of many times where I’ve been shot down after doing what I was convinced God was leading me to do.


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