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For all the things that were written beforehand were written for our instruction,+ so that through our endurance+ and through the comfort from the Scriptures we might have hope.+ (NWT) .— Romans 15:4.

For all the things that were written aforetime were written+ for our instruction,+ that through our endurance+ and through the comfort+ from the Scriptures we might have hope.*+ (Ref.B)


Excerpt from the book The image of God, or lai...

Excerpt from the book The image of God, or laie mans boke in which the right knowledge of God is disclosed, and diuerse doubtes besides the principal matter written by Roger Hutchinson at 1550 (available in John Bruce’s The works of Roger Hutchinson (1842, pp. 183, 183) at, using God’s Biblical name Jehovah (Jehova/Iehova/Iehoua).

were written:  (#Ro 4:23): 23 That “it was counted+ to him” was written, however, not for his sake only,+

(#1Co 10:11): 11 Now these things went on befalling them as examples,* and they were written for a warning+ to us upon whom the ends* of the systems of things*+ have arrived.

for our instruction:  (#2Ti 3:16): 16 All Scripture is inspired of God*+ and beneficial for teaching,+ for reproving,+ for setting things straight,*+ for disciplining+ in righteousness,

(#2Pe 1:19): 19 Consequently we have the prophetic word+ [made] more sure;+ and YOU are doing well in paying attention to it as to a lamp+ shining in a dark place, until day dawns and a daystar*+ rises, in YOUR hearts.

(#Pr 3:11-12): 11 The discipline of Jehovah, O my son, do not reject;+ and do not abhor his reproof,+ 12 because the one whom Jehovah loves he reproves,+ even as a father does a son in whom he finds pleasure.+

(#Joh 16:8): 8 And when that one arrives he will give the world convincing evidence* concerning sin and concerning righteousness and concerning judgment:+

(#Tit 1:9): 9 holding firmly to the faithful word as respects his [art of] teaching,+ that he may be able both to exhort by the teaching that is healthful+ and to reprove+ those who contradict.

(#1Co 11:32): 32 However, when we are judged,+ we are disciplined by Jehovah,*+ that we may not become condemned+ with the world.+

(#He 12:6): 6 for whom Jehovah* loves he disciplines; in fact, he scourges every one whom he receives as a son.”+

(#Re 3:19): 19 “‘All those for whom I have affection I reprove and discipline.+ Therefore be zealous and repent.+

(#He 12:5): 5 but YOU have entirely forgotten the exhortation which addresses YOU as sons:+ “My son, do not belittle [the] discipline from Jehovah,* neither give out when you are corrected* by him;+

(#Ps 94:12): 12 Happy is the able-bodied man* whom you correct,+ O Jah, And whom you teach out of your own law,+

(#Ps 119:71):  71 It is good for me that I have been afflicted,+ In order that I may learn your regulations.+

(#1Ti 4:16): 16 Pay constant attention to yourself+ and to your teaching.+ Stay by these things, for by doing this you will save both yourself and those who listen to you.+

(#1Ti 6:3): 3 If any man teaches other doctrine+ and does not assent to healthful+ words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, nor to the teaching that accords with godly devotion,*+

(#Jas 3:1): 3 Not many of YOU should become teachers,+ my brothers, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment.+

througour endurance:  (#Ro 5:4): 4 endurance, in turn, an approved condition;+ the approved condition, in turn, hope,+

(#Php 1:20): 20 in harmony with my eager expectation+ and hope+ that I shall not be ashamed+ in any respect, but that in all freeness of speech+ Christ will, as always before, so now be magnified by means of my body,+ whether through life or through death.+

(#2Ti 2:15): 15 Do your utmost to present yourself approved+ to God, a workman+ with nothing to be ashamed of,+ handling the word of the truth aright.+

(#Jas 1:12): 12 Happy is the man that keeps on enduring trial,+ because on becoming approved he will receive the crown of life,+ which Jehovah* promised to those who continue loving him.+

through the comfort:  (#Ps 119:50):  50 This is my comfort in my affliction,+ For your own saying has preserved me alive.+

(#Ps 94:19): 19 When my disquieting thoughts became many inside of me,+ Your own consolations began to fondle my soul.+

(#Ps 71:21): 21 May you enlarge my greatness,+ And may you surround [and] comfort me.+

(#Ps 86:17): 17 Work out with me a sign meaning goodness, That those hating me may see [it] and be ashamed.+ For you yourself, O Jehovah, have helped me and comforted me.+

(#2Co 1:3-4):  3 Blessed be the God and Father+ of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of tender mercies+ and the God of all comfort,+ 4 who comforts us in all our tribulation,+ that we may be able to comfort+ those in any sort of tribulation through the comfort with which we ourselves are being comforted by God.+

(#Ps 23:4):  4 Even though I walk in the valley of deep shadow,*+ I fear nothing bad,+ For you are with me;+ Your rod and your staff are the things that comfort me.+

(#2Co 7:6): 6 Nevertheless God, who comforts+ those laid low, comforted us by the presence* of Titus;


Those written things include many good examples, men and women of outstanding faith. (Hebrews 11:32-34) We can and should benefit from the good examples found in the Scriptures, following or imitating what is presented in those fine Biblical accounts. Certain~~ Bible accounts, however, include warning examples. We can find some of those in the lives of men and women whom Jehovah at one point accepted and used as his servants. As we read the Bible, we can note where and how some of God’s people went astray and thus became warning examples. We can discern that some gradually developed wrong attitudes or tendencies, which eventually produced sad consequences.
How can we draw lessons from such accounts? We may want to ask ourselves such questions as: ‘How did that develop? Might such a trend develop in my case? What can I do to avoid that and instead to benefit from this warning example?’ w11 12/15 1:19, 20


Absalom, a son of King David, was an exceptionally good-looking man. In time, however, like Satan, he let greedy ambition fill his heart, for he began to covet his father’s throne, to which he was not entitled. In a sly attempt to seize the kingship, Absalom feigned deep concern for his fellow Israelites while cleverly insinuating that the king’s court lacked regard for them. Yes, just like the Devil in the garden of Eden, Absalom presented himself as a benefactor, at the same time cruelly maligning his own father. (2 Samuel 15:1-5)
Did Absalom’s clever scheme succeed? To some extent, yes, for the Bible account states: “Absalom kept stealing the hearts of the men of Israel.” (2 Samuel 15:6) In the end, though, Absalom’s arrogance led to his own downfall, his death, and the death of the thousands who were overreached by him.—2 Samuel 18:7, 14-17. w12 7/15 2:4-6


Dutch version: Nederlandstalige versie: Alle dingen die eertijds geschreven tot ons onderricht


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  • Chapter 37- Sanctification (
    The usage of Scripture is as clear in this case as in that. The word “holy” in Scripture has, however, various meanings. It is sometimes applied to things, and not to persons only. (1.) It is used in the sense of that which is set apart or dedicated to an especial use. Thus, God threatens that instruments of vengeance will be “prepared” (sanctified) against “the king’s house of Judah,” Jer. 22:7. But the dedication is most frequently for some holy use.
    The difficulty of the work to be done consists in its not being a mere reformation of a bad life and habits, which is measurably within the power of man, and is sometimes accomplished so far as the mere outward life among men demands; but in its including the destruction and removal of man’s sinful condition, and habits, and action, which he by nature ardently loves, and the substitution for them of their very opposites in every respect.
  • Step 8 Remember God Disciplines Those He Loves (
    God is vigilant in maintaining and guarding His children.  He is intolerant of unfaithfulness or rivalry and possessive and watchful in the protection of His chosen ones.  He demands exclusive loyalty and is ardently active, devoted, diligent and filled with intense enthusiasm, fervor and passion to the point of intense, burning heat when it comes to ensuring our knowledge of His love, grace, and plan for us.
  • Michael Brown Writes Open Letter to Joel and Victoria Osteen Out of Love for God, Love for Them, and Love for the Church and the World (
    A true physician tells his patients what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. As one preacher of old, JeanDaille, once said, “Ministers are not cooks, but physicians andtherefore should not study to delight the palate, but to recover the patient.”Have you been more of a junk-food cook than a physician? Have you been afraid to tell people their true condition? Have you been so concerned with making them feel good about themselves and giving them a sense of hope that you failed to diagnose their terminal sin disease?
  • Default To Righteousness (
    The church is fast approaching a default to abundance and a default to righteousness; although most – in the church – are not aware of it. Neither were the Children of Israel aware of the hour of their deliverance from Egypt.
  • Discernment (
    The state of the “church” was made abundantly clear to me this week while I made a strong effort to defend the Word of God from the attack of a false believer.
    The lack of discernment is listed as a sin that accompanies rebellious sinners in Romans chapter one.  I want to quote from both the KJV and NKJV to give a good rendering of the word used and to show that God indeed does call lack of discernment sin.
  • Trusting, Faith, Calling and Ascribing to Jehovah #18 Fulfilment (
    Fulfilment As we showed in the previous chapters several men of God knew their position very well and where convinced they needed the Most High Creator of all things. Even the son of God never claimed to be able to do something without the Force of his Father.
  • Rose Resource Review: 10 Questions and Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses (
    There are also books with stories of how JW’s came to truly know Christ and had their eyes opened to the truth of the Biblical Gospel through the grace and patience of real Jesus followers.
  • Christian Statements of Faith (
    To begin to understand the origin of Christianity, you need to understand the orthodoxy of Christianity (the theories, doctrines, and practices that defined Christianity in the early church and are the pillars of Christian theology today). These statements or creeds are inviolate — they are the foundations of Christianity and without them you may have something that resembles Christianity, but really isn’t Christianity. There are two statements of faith that define Christianity: the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.
  • Pictures: They came, saw and made Zim richer (
    The bumper crowd that converged at the NSS in Harare for all the three days was historic and about 1 568 candidates out of at least 74 000 in attendance, that Saturday, were baptized symbolizing their dedication to serving their Heavenly Father –Jehovah God. Attendance on the first day, on Friday was over 68 000 while the last day, on Sunday attendance totaled 82 409 people.

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  2. John Pople wrote

    God has written the Bible in a truly fascinating way. He has left the Bible strewn with mesmerizing gems, intriguing puzzles, complex characters, soft bandages and even sharp weapons.

    As a consequence, the Bible becomes genuinely living and (inter)active; for whichever pieces of the Bible we are most attracted to, and how we either share them with, apply them to, or aim them at, other people, actually reveals more about the character of the Bible reader as ever it does about the verses being highlighted…


  3. […] All things written aforetime for our instruction […]


  4. […] + Engelstalige versie / English version: All things written aforetime for our instruction […]


  5. […] All things written aforetime for our instruction […]


  6. […] All things written aforetime for our instruction […]


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