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We should only praise the Most Highest Divine God, the Elohim Hashem God of gods as our Only One God, and made His Name be known all over the world as the One Holy Name to be praised most high.

Psalm 103:20:  Praise Jehovah, all you his angels, mighty in power, Who carry out his word, obeying his voice.

Revelation 19:5:  Also, a voice came from the throne and said: “Be praising our God, all you his slaves, who fear him, the small ones and the great.”

Psalm 150:1: Praise Jah! Praise God in his holy place. Praise him in the expanse of his strength.

Psalm 66:2:   Sing praises to his glorious name. Make his praise glorious.

Psalm 148:2:  Praise him, all his angels. Praise him, all his army.

Psalm 150:2:  Praise him for his mighty works. Praise him for his exceeding greatness.

2 Chronicles 20:19:  Then the Levites who were descendants of the Ko′hath·ites and the Kor′ah·ites rose up to praise Jehovah the God of Israel with a very loud voice.

Revelation 19:1: After this I heard what seemed to be a loud voice of a great crowd in heaven. They said: “Praise Jah! The salvation and the glory and the power belong to our God,

Psalm 34:1: I will praise Jehovah at all times; His praise will be on my lips constantly.

Psalm 66:8:   Praise our God, you peoples, And let the sound of his praise be heard.

Psalm 135:3:   Praise Jah, for Jehovah is good. Sing praises to his name, for it is pleasant.

Psalm 100:4:  Come into his gates with thanksgiving, Into his courtyards with praise. Give thanks to him; praise his name.

Psalm 68:33:  To the one who rides the ancient heaven of heavens. Look! He thunders with his voice, his mighty voice.

Isaiah 42:2:  He will not cry out or raise his voice, And he will not make his voice heard in the street.

Psalm 148:14:  He will exalt the strength of his people, For the praise of all his loyal ones, Of the sons of Israel, the people close to him. Praise Jah!

Psalm 103:21: Praise Jehovah, all his armies, His ministers who do his will.

Job 37:4:  After that is a roaring sound; He thunders with a majestic voice, And he does not hold it back when his voice is heard.

Psalm 7:17: I will praise Jehovah for his justice; I will sing praises to the name of Jehovah the Most High.

Psalm 145:21: My mouth will declare the praise of Jehovah; Let every living thing praise his holy name forever and ever.

Psalm 149:3:  Let them praise his name with dancing And sing praises to him, accompanied by the tambourine and the harp.

Psalm 103:1: Let me praise Jehovah; Let everything within me praise his holy name.

Psalm 103:22: Praise Jehovah, all his works, In all the places where he rules. Let my whole being praise Jehovah.

Job 37:2:  Listen carefully to the rumbling of his voice And the thunder that comes from his mouth.

Luke 19:37: As soon as he got near the road down the Mount of Olives, the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and to praise God with a loud voice because of all the powerful works they had seen,

Revelation 19:6: And I heard what sounded like a voice of a great crowd and like the sound of many waters and like the sound of heavy thunders. They said: “Praise Jah, because Jehovah our God, the Almighty, has begun to rule as king!

Psalm 105:45: So that they would keep his decrees And observe his laws. Praise Jah!

Psalm 106:12:  Then they had faith in his promise; They began to sing his praise.

Psalm 95:7:  For he is our God, And we are the people of his pasture, The sheep in his care. Today if you listen to his voice,

Psalm 48:1: Jehovah is great and most worthy of praise In the city of our God, in his holy mountain.

Psalm 145:3:   Jehovah is great and most worthy of praise; His greatness is unsearchable.

Psalm 102:21:  So that the name of Jehovah will be declared in Zion And his praise in Jerusalem,

Psalm 105:2:   Sing to him, sing praises to him, Ponder over all his wonderful works.

Isaiah 42:12:  Let them attribute glory to Jehovah And declare his praise in the islands.

Proverbs 12:8:   A man is praised for the discretion of his mouth, But one with a twisted heart will be treated with contempt.

Psalm 30:4:   Sing praises to Jehovah, you his loyal ones, Give thanks to his holy name;

Psalm 68:4:   Sing to God; sing praises to his name. Sing to the One riding through the desert plains. Jah is his name! Rejoice before him!

Psalm 72:19:  May his glorious name be praised forever, And may his glory fill the whole earth. Amen and Amen.

Psalm 148:13:  Let them praise the name of Jehovah, For his name alone is unreachably high. His majesty is above earth and heaven.

Psalm 96:2:   Sing to Jehovah; praise his name. Proclaim the good news of his salvation day after day.

Habakkuk 3:3:   God came from Te′man, The Holy One from Mount Pa′ran. (Selah) His majesty covered the heavens; With his praise the earth was filled.

Luke 1:64:  Instantly his mouth was opened and his tongue was set free and he began to speak, praising God.

Luke 1:68:  “Let Jehovah be praised, the God of Israel, because he has turned his attention to his people and has brought them deliverance.

Ephesians 1:6:  in praise of his glorious undeserved kindness that he kindly bestowed on us by means of his beloved one.

Jeremiah 33:11:  the sound of exultation and the sound of rejoicing, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride, the voice of those saying: “Give thanks to Jehovah of armies, for Jehovah is good; his loyal love endures forever!”’ “‘They will bring thanksgiving offerings into the house of Jehovah, for I will bring back the captives of the land, as at the start,’ says Jehovah.”



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  • The Names of God (
    El Hanne’eman – The Faithful God
    Deuteronomy 7:9     Know therefore that the LORD your God is God;  He is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.
  • When You Pray… (

    When you pray / You can expect God to meet you / At the point of your, or another’s need, / and / Walk with you and them / every moment of your day and life!

  • Pray for God’s justice. (
    For man to say that God is unjust in wiping out even the entire earth and all that is in it, including every man, woman and child, the potter has to right to rework his creations. It’s not wrong nor unjust. It’s only wrong for one of his creations to object to anything he is doing. This goes for all his creatures… Whether in submission or not. He is true to his word, so those who are submitted to him can rest assured that all that God is doing in their lives, even painful things, are for our ultimate good according to his will.
  • Let Nothing Disturb You! (
    sing songs of praise to him.
    The Lord protects his chosen one.[a] / He saves him and gives him strength.
  • Creator and Blogger God 4 Expounding voice (
    The Righteous Voice Obeying the right Voice Lots of people do want to follow “the popular course.” In the history of time we have seen many people who preferred to follow their own thoughts and their own stubborn will. Jeremiah presented a contrast between those who had “not obeyed the voice of Jehovah ” and those who wanted to obey Him.
  • Week 15: Friday – The Great I am (
    The Great I AM: “I Am Who I Am” Psalm 9:10 “And those who know your name put their trust in you.” In Shakespeare’s Hamlet he asked, “What’s in a name?” as if a person’s given name is wholly unimportant. A name can be significant in knowing about someone’s history and identity. Have you ever asked your parents how they came up with your name?
  • Chapter 27: What Is: The Beautiful Land (
    The Great I AM: “I Am Who I Am” Psalm 9:10 “And those who know your name put their trust in you.” In Shakespeare’s Hamlet he asked, “What’s in a name?” as if a person’s given name is wholly unimportant. A name can be significant in knowing about someone’s history and identity. Have you ever asked your parents how they came up with your name?
  • “Who Is Worthy to Open the Scroll?” (
    Jehovah himself, Sovereign Lord of all creation, is holding out that scroll. It must be full of vital information, for it has writing on the front and on the back. Our curiosity is aroused. What does the scroll contain? We recall Jehovah’s invitation to John: “Come on up here, and I shall show you the things that must take place.” (Revelation 4:1) With tingling expectation, we look forward to learning about those things. But alas, the scroll is tightly closed, sealed shut with seven seals!

    How Can We Be Part of God’s Purpose?
    gaining “the very knowledge of God” calls for determination to learn his will and to carry it out. Taking in this knowledge is worth whatever time and effort are required. (Proverbs 23:23)

    What Has God Been Doing to Help Us?
    God’s final judgment will set a universal and eternal precedent that will sanctify God’s name and vindicate his way of ruling. And God will completely undo all the damage that Satan caused, just as He did in Job’s case.—Job 42:10.
    God’s name—Jehovah (יהוה)—represents God himself. Regarding his name, God said: “This is my name to time indefinite, and this is the memorial of me to generation after generation.” (Exodus 3:15) The meaning of God’s name—“He Causes to Become”—guarantees that he will become whatever he needs to become to achieve his purpose. He demonstrated this ability when he delivered Israel from Egypt, the most powerful nation of the day.—Exodus 9:16.

    Praise Jah for His Judgments!
    “Praise Jah, you people,” “Jah” being the shortened form of the divine name, Jehovah. We are here reminded of the exhortation of the psalmist: “Every breathing thing—let it praise Jah. Praise Jah, you people!” (Psalm 150:6) John’s hearing the exultant heavenly chorus sing “Hallelujah!” twice at this point in Revelation demonstrates the continuity of the divine revelation of truth. The God of the Christian Greek Scriptures is the same as the God of the earlier Hebrew Scriptures, and Jehovah is his name. The God that caused the fall of ancient Babylon has now judged and destroyed Babylon the Great. Ascribe to him all glory for that feat! The power that maneuvered her downfall belongs to him rather than to the nations that he used as instruments in desolating her. To Jehovah alone we must attribute salvation.—Isaiah 12:2; Revelation 4:11; 7:10, 12.

    Draw Close To God

    Jesus knew that to unlock the spiritual truth found in the Bible, we need two things: God’s help and the right heart attitude. Jesus explains: “I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones and have revealed them to babes.” Do you see why it is that grasping the spiritual truth found in the Bible may be considered a matter of privilege? Jehovah, the “Lord of heaven and earth,” may hide or reveal the truth according to his sovereign will. But God is not arbitrary in this matter of revelation. On what basis does he reveal Bible truth to some and not to others?

    Jehovah favors the humble, not the haughty. (James 4:6) He hides the truth from “wise and intellectual ones”—worldly-wise and learned ones who in their pride and self-reliance feel no need for his help. (1 Corinthians 1:19-21) But he reveals the truth to “babes”—those who come to him with sincere hearts, showing childlike humility. (Matthew 18:1-4; 1 Corinthians 1:26-28) God’s Son, Jesus, saw such responses firsthand. Many proud, highly educated religious leaders did not get the sense of Jesus’ message, but humble fishermen did. (Matthew 4:18-22; 23:1-5; Acts 4:13) At the same time, some wealthy and educated ones who showed genuine humility became Jesus’ followers.—Luke 19:1, 2, 8; Acts 22:1-3.

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