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What may bring an atheist going for miles to a place to meet people with a strict belief?

2016-rio-olympics759-1An amateur Brazilian writer invites readers to come along and to enjoy journeys with him and become his partner to build his blog together. He lives in the Olympic city, the famous Rio soon the Olympus, where a wall is standing so that the poor shall not be seen.

With Adevenir who died 54 years old of a haemorrhagic stroke, he gave blood, sweat and health to our employer – BB Tecnologia e Serviços (in Portuguese). This year on July 17th, 2016 he went, in a car going faster than 140 kilometres per hour, to a city where he has never been before.

It might surprise us that he would be a Jehovah’s Witnesses’ guest though he himself is an atheist and he does not know what they think about it, or how they treat people like him.

I want to be a good guest because my mother taught me great manners, although she taught me to be myself as well. Socializing can be very stressful to me.

he writes.


Stunning sunset and The Pomba River

Arriving at night his friend’s aunt and his friend’s grandmother were waiting for them with some juice and snacks.

The grandma recognized me after a couple years and it made me content because she is 92 years old, and she is a bit sick. We talked and laughed. Then, after two hours, my friend’s uncle and my friend’s cousin sister arrived from the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ temple. My friend’s cousin sister is very beautiful, polite and a little shy. She is single but only men of the same religion can date her with parents’ consent.

Can you imagine how difficult it sometimes may be when a young girl encounters than a person of the opposite sex which she knows is not of the same faith.

I think she looked like shy in front of a strange man because she was avoiding looking directly in my eyes. Often she moved out looking towards the ground.

the writer continues his story.

To be honest I think she is a male chauvinist religious daddy’s victim. She lent her bedroom to us, and it was very nice. Her behaviour towards us showed how she thinks and feels about guests.

My friend’s uncle is a distinguished man. He clearly is the person in charge of his family. He is serious but kind, very gentle. He used to monitor my eyes directions, especially when his daughter was close even when she looked towards nowhere. In this evening, nobody spoke about religion. We had a magnificent dinner, a good shower and a perfect bed.

In his path during 3 or 4 hours, the following day the writer passed by along 6 kilometres of amazing views.

The entrance of Sociability Island

The entrance of Sociability Island – Centre of Psycho-social Attention

Raul Veiga Bridge, Pomba River, The Centre of Psycho-social Attention that stays in a small island that is called Sociability Island, a stunning sunset, milk-shake, “churros” (I do not know its name in English.) and a delicious salad for dinner.

Before his departure the grandma gave him a magazine called The Watchtower (Sentinela, in Portuguese).

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Watchtower shows us the significance of world events in the light of Bible prophecies. It comforts people with the good news of God’s Kingdom and promotes faith in Jesus Christ. I heard my friend’s uncle talking about it until the goodbye moment. My friend told me I was able to accept annoying behaviour without becoming angry and also, that I was the most patient atheist in the whole world. I do not think so. In spite of my atheism, I owned to the most respectful comportment to my great host. After that, we left and came back to home in God’s peace.

Strange then to find ‘God’s peace’ in that heart of that atheist writer who went such a long way from home to meet a Jehovah witness. Was this trip solely just to see an uncle of his friend? For sure Jehovah’s Witnesses he could have found enough in Rio itself and when gone so far why did he not challenge the moment of wondering what brought such people to such a faith?

Find his original article: It is not a trip at all



Oklahoma City Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses


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