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Matthew 18:18-20 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: The Authority of Two or Three

Matthew 18:18-20 – The Authority of Two or Three

MT18:18 “I tell you[1] [apostles] this truth: Whatever you [apostles] bind on earth will be bound in heaven,[2] and whatever you release[3] on earth will be released in heaven. MT18:19 Again, I tell you [apostles][4] this truth: If two of you might agree about a matter on earth[5] it will occur just as you request[6] because of my heavenly Father. MT18:20 For where ever two or three of you are gathered together[7] in my name,[8] there I am among them.”[9]


[1] I tell you: The “you” is plural and indicates Jesus is speaking to the apostles. What follows is directed to these disciples and not necessarily a blanket statement regarding all Christians.

[2] Bind on earth will be bound in heaven: The phrase may involve the sin of the brother under discussion. If two or three (of the apostles) agree on a certain action against a wrongdoer, then it becomes so. An example of binding something on earth might be the appointment of Matthias to take the office of Judas (Acts 1:23-26). The Greek grammar may allow, “already bound.. already loosed.”

[3] Whatever you release: The Greek is LYSETE and may be rendered “loose.” The idea may infer forgiveness. Compare notes on Matthew 16:19. There the context deals with the Peter’s keys. If these be viewed as three and relate to the Jews, Samaritans, and Non-Jews, then as long as the door to the Samaritans and Non-Jews remains closed and locked, it is so in heaven. Jesus authorized his apostles to forgive sins (John 20:23). Later Paul writes that the Corinthian congregation “forgive” the incestuous sinner (2 Corinthians 2:7).

[4] I tell you [apostles]: The Greek “you” is plural and is directed to the twelve disciples.

[5] If two of you might agree about a matter on earth: If two apostles agree. Or, RIEU: if any two of you on earth agree in making any prayer; MON: if two of you on earth symphonize your praying. The words “might agree” are from the Greek SYMPHONESOSIN.

[6] It will occur just as you request: Or, RHM: it shall be brought to pass; KNX: it will be granted; NOR: my heavenly Father will answer your prayer.

[7] Two or three of you are gathered together: This is “two or three” of the apostles met in important matters of the Church. Or, WMS: wherever two or three have met as my disciples. The words “gathered together” are from a word related to “synagogue.” These may be official synods or congregational meetings. Compare 1 Corinthians 5:4; James 2:2. Note how Peter and John go to Samaria to request they receive the Pneuma (Acts 8:14, 15).

[8] In my name: Or, GDSP: as my followers; WMS: as my disciples. Note it is in the name of “Jesus” and not his Father “Jehovah.” The phrase may also mean something authorized by the person so named.

[9] I am among them: Or, WMS: I am right there with them. See notes on Matthew 28:20.




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Matthew 9:1-8 – The Nazarene’s Commentary: Messiah Forgives Sins and Heals Paralytic


Matthew 9:1-8 – Messiah Forgives Sins and Heals Paralytic

|| Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:17-26

File:Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini - Christ Healing the Paralytic - WGA17141.jpg

Christ Healing the Paralytic – (painted between 1730 and 1732) Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675-1741)

MT9:1 Now boarding the boat Jesus crossed [Galilee] to his own town.[1] MT9:2 And, look! [people of his town] were approaching Jesus with a bed-ridden paralytic. When Jesus saw their faith[2] he said to the paralytic,

“Courage, child, you are released[3] from your sins.”

MT9:3 Now, note, certain Scribes[4] said among themselves,

“This fellow blasphemes!”[5]

MT9:4 But, realizing what they were thinking[6] Jesus told them,

“What evil you think in your hearts! MT9:5 For which is easier to say,[7] ‘You are released from your sins,’ or, ‘Get up and walk’?

MT9:6 But, so that you will realize the Son of Humankind has authority[8] on earth to release from sins”

– then Jesus told the paralytic,

“Get up, pick up your bed, and return to your home.”

MT9:7 And the paralytic rose and returned to his home. MT9:8 When the crowds saw this they were awe-struck and began to glorify The God – the One who gave such authority[9] to humans.

[1] His own town: Capernaum (Matthew 4:13).

[2] Their faith: That is, the faith of the parents.

[3] Released: Or, forgiven. The Greek is APHIENTAI. WEY: pardoned.

[4] Scribes: TCNT: Teachers of the Law; BECK: Bible scholars.

[5] Blasphemes: The Greek is BLASPHEMEI. RHM: speaketh profanely; WEY: impious; BAS: the man has no respect for God.

[6] What they were thinking: Some believe Jesus could read minds. This need not be the case as a very sensitive and observant person may surmise their thinking.

[7] Which is easier to say: Observe Jesus’ own faith.

[8] Authority: If Jesus were God he would not need authority from another.

[9] One who gave such authority: Note the crowd realizes it is God who gave this authority to Jesus. Not only this but they say ANTHROPOIS, meaning “men” or “humans” – plural. In the parallels the Scribes add that “only God can forgive sins.” This is their own judgment, not the facts in the case. Even Jesus authorized his own apostles to “forgive sins.” (John 20:23) Jesus forgives sin because The God (HO THEOS) authorized him to do so.


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